Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet Me In St. Louis: A Blogger Meet Up Part 1

Two weekends ago, I made a trip out to St. Louis, MO to visit a fellow vintage blogger, Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage and her friend Amanda, who is also one of my blog readers. I feel really awful that I am now just getting around to posting about my lovely time spent there, but better late than never! You can check out Brittany's post about our weekend HERE.

I arrived in St. Louis in the afternoon and the girls picked me up from the airport wearing their vintage finest. Both Brittany and Amanda looked soooo cute!! Our first stop was an estate sale in a cute little older neighborhood that rivaled Michigan's Royal Oak area (pictured above). The sale was a bust for Brittany and Amanda, however I scored some round vintage napkins with cute yellow fall leaves on them. They match my vintage fall table runner and will make their debut this Thanksgiving. Sorry no pictures of them as of yet.

On the way to the second estate sale, Brittany spotted a Value Village and antique mall that neither of the girls had seen before, so we make a stop there before heading over to the estate sale. We all found some great items at the thrift store. I found a perfect vintage chenille bedspread, a cute 80s does 40s blouse, and a great pair of green carved fake-lite hoops. After the thrift store, we went into the little antique mall next door which produced the aqua ceramic cookie jar pictured above. For only $6 it was one of my first deals of the trip.

We got to the estate sale about 30 minutes before they were going to close up for the day and we all got some great deals. I got my first VERA scarf for only $1!!! I also got the cute little vintage wedding cake topper for $10. I saw it on the website listing that Amanda emailed me and I couldn't believe it was still there when we got there. It was definitely meant to be!!

After a day of shopping, we headed over to Brittany's for a yummy dinner her hubby had made for us. After dinner, we had some fun watching some You Tube tutorials and other random vintage how to videos. Mainly the expert's village videos of how to dress 50s; they are a hot mess!! Neither of the gals had seen them and if you haven't either, you must take a look. I don't know if this girl is for real or is just kidding, but either way it's quite interesting.

Check back tomorrow for DAY TWO!


SHIRT: Charlotte Russe

SKIRT: Estate Sale

GLOVES: Grandma's

HAT: Value World

SUNGLASSES: JC Penny Optical

BELT and SHOES: JC Penny

TRAIN CASE: Mother Fletchers