Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning Surprises

This morning I awoke to a snow storm, one I had no clue that was coming. While I know it's going to be a mess later, it was quite beautiful to see snow coming down and blowing in the wind. Maybe being snowed in will give me a chance to finish tackling my mending pile. Yesterday I managed to put a pretty big dent into it!

Pumpkin had a little too much fun playing outside. Sometimes I think she thinks she is a bunny because that is what she looks like, hopping around in the snow. She loves being outside; it doesn't matter what it's like out -- she loves it no matter what. Today it was hard to get her to come back in. Thankfully, when she goes outside she is on a lead, unless I am there to supervise her. When Pumpkin was just a little puppy, she figured out how to get out of our fenced in yard. She gave her mama quite the heart-attack!! After that, all outside time must be supervised.

I do enjoy watching her play in the snow. She looks so adorable prancing around! I hope everyone is warm and cozy!!



BaronessVonVintage said...

we got hit with this blizzard today (yesterday I was absolutely levelled by the worst migraine EVER and now I know why: I'm like a human barometer)! Your puppy looks SOOOOO cute with that little snow face hahah!!

happileah said...

I just LOVE your puppy, she is soo cute!

Snowstorms are so pretty when you're on the inside looking out, I think :)

Amy said...

My sweetie. I love you, Emily : )



Michele said...

ooh, what an adorable puppy! And that snow..I know I shouldn't covet but sitting here in Florida with the a/c blasting I simply can't help it!

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Pumpkin looks like she's having the time of her life - so cute! My puppy loves snow too ;)

Good for you making a dent in your mending pile! Mine just keeps getting taller - Lol!

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