Friday, February 19, 2010

Film Fashion Friday: Once Upon A Honeymoon (1942)

Last week I mentioned the Valentine's Day sale that the Warner Archive was having. Well, my movies finally came in the mail this past Wednesday and I was super excited. I was even more excited to find out that both of the films for this week are available to view on YouTube. So even if you don't want to purchases the DVDs in order to view the films in this post, you still can via YouTube.

The main film for this week is Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942). I actually saw this movie for the first time through YouTube. It is such a good movie and the well dressed Ginger Rogers only adds to the charm of the film. The gowns were done by Miss Leslie and I can't seem to find much information on her. According to IMDB, it seems that Once Upon a Honeymoon was the only film she did. Regardless, I am loving the outfits worn by Ginger, which range from very dressed down to evening wear. This film definitely provides looks to inspire any occasion.

I can't find a trailer of the film, but it follows Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant as they make their way across war-torn Europe. Rogers marries a foreign baron and must become a spy after she finds out he is on the wrong side of the war. Grant plays an overseas reporter who becomes enamored with Rogers. The two end up traveling together and falling in love. As I said, the film is available on YouTube and HERE is the link to part one.
This week's honorable mention is also a fashionable '40s film, They Met in Bombay (1941) starring Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell. Gable and Russell both play thieves after the same jewel. Once they find each other out, they decide to team up and become partners in crime. While both actors are playing criminals, you can't help but love them and cheer them on. Plus, how could one not fall in love with the glamourous creations by Adrian?

HERE is the link to part one of the film on YouTube.

Just as a side note, as of today the 4 for $45 sale at Warner Archive was still going on. They have also added a President's Day sale as well.

See you next week for more classic film fashion!



Marie said...

Lovely post, thanks for the youtube link! How racy that must have been then, their falling in love when she was married- even to a villian.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Heidi Ann said...

I love your Film Fashion posts.

Amy said...

I love the dress with the flowers on it....makes me think of Hawaii or a tropical place. I'm getting Spring Fever. Are you?



Ginger and Cary are the two classiest actors in old Hollywood. Anything would look amazing on them but thank you for pointing out the wonderful eye candy they are wearing. Totally agreed!