Monday, November 16, 2009

Snoods and Hair Nets

As I mentioned in my review of Hot Sticks in my previous post, the setting lasted for two days--much like a cold set. On the second day after doing a cold set, I like to wear my hair in a snood or hair net. The curls from the Hot Sticks setting looked very similar on day two to a cold set, so I was able to style my hair with a hair net. I was in a bit of a rush (I wanted to get to Mother Fletchers before they closed) so my hair doesn't look as refined as the lovely girl in the photo; which I found off the same website as the one I mentioned in this post. Mother Fletchers had a few new dresses out on the floor and I found one that came home with me; a really pretty late 40's rayon blend with a nice printed floral pattern on it. I am planning on wearing it on Thanksgiving. I also found the greatest pink hat I have ever seen in my life. Once I form an outfit around it, I will post some pictures.

Hope you all are having a marvelous Monday!!



Q's Daydream said...

I love it! :o)

happileah said...

Looks great!

Amy said...


You Know Who


Hello my Little Vintage Friend,

Your hair looks great that way. Thanks for sharing the little postcard money holder. I haven't tried sewing on paper.
Deb :)

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