Monday, November 2, 2009

The Perfect Watch

I have ended a year long quest to find the prefect vintage "everyday" watch. This past Friday after work, I decided to take a trip over to the craft and antique mall that I used to have my booth at. I hadn't been there in ages...really the last time was there was when I closed my booth months ago. I was looking for a vintage casserole dish in a larger size and instead I found this watch. I normally always look in the cases that are in the different really never know what can be found in there; dealers always keep different things in their cases. This watch caught my eye and I asked the lady to see it. It was marked $15 and said it was running. I make a quick check for size and working condition and quickly told the lady I would take it. I feel in love with the beautiful stainless steel stretchable wrist and the scratch free crystal. It was really exactly the watch I had been searching for. I wanted a really nice casual vintage watch for everyday purposes. I have a lovely white gold vintage watch from my mother, complete with three small diamonds. It's kind of dressy for every day and I tend to only wear it on special occasions. I have a few modern watches, which I love, but I wanted a casual vintage option for day to day use. Now that I have the stretch kind, all I need to find is the prefect watch with a black cord bracelet.

Oh...did I mention along with coats, watches are another one of my weaknesses??