Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gardening on the Cheap

vintage gardening

One of the things I love most about the house I am in now is the back covered patio.  It's very MCM with decorative aluminum pillars and two-toned dyed cement.  After the batch of rainy weather stops here in the Mitten, I will do a proper tour, but for now, I'd like to share one of my favorite tricks for gardening on the cheap.

I have a walkway that wraps around the side and the back of my house, leading to the back patio.  When my grandma live here, she had these big repurposed tired planters on either side of the walkway. Each year she would fill them with all kinds of different flowers.  By the time I moved in, these were long gone, but I wanted to do something similar.  

I found this pot in the garage (I bought a similar one on clearance at IKEA a few summers ago) and wanted something simple and large to fill the inside.  Being on a tight budget for flower purchases, I bought a $5 hanging pot at the farmers market and transplanted it into my large planter.

This type of flower spreads and continues to grow throughout the summer months and quickly gets big.  They never look like much in the hanging pot and are always cheap (this is the 3rd summer I have bought them for my garden), but once you get them into your own planter, they really look nice.

What are your favorite tips for gardening on the cheap?   


Anonymous said...

I have to ask are you a Michigander? Your comment about the rain and the mitten are making me wonder if we not only both write for HeyDoll but are neighbors?! Wouldn't that be something.

Sarah K. said...

All of my pretty planters and pots came from thrift stores.

My mom and I buy plants and seeds together and then split them. So if you know someone who also likes to garden, maybe split and share purchases. You get a nice variety for less money and it is fun to compare how each other's plants do.

Melissa said...

I love gardening! I dug through my parents' basement for containers that haven't been used in years.


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