Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cider Mill

Two weekends ago, Jesse and I drove out to one of our local cider mills to enjoy some fresh apple cider and donuts. It still is quite warm here in Michigan, especially for November, so we strolled the path along the river. I wore my rain boots to be practical, plus they are pretty comfy too.

I love this dress; it's among some of the earliest that I own that is still in wearable condition. It fastens on the side with buttons, has a slightly higher waistline, and has a longer hemline, so I am dating it to before WWII. I had kind of forgotten about it, luckily the weather was still warm enough to justify wearing it!


Early 40s Dress: Bloomfield Vintage Apparel Show

Tights and Rain Boots: Target

50s/60s Sweater: Salvation Army