Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Spent $25

This past Thursday, I headed to a promising estate sale that claimed to have tons of vintage clothing, accessories and housewares. I got to the sale a little more than an hour after it opened, since I wasn't in the mood to compete with dealers and resellers. I don't know how sales are where you live, but here in MI, the first hour of a sale can be complete chaos. Estate saling really is an extreme sport!

Anyway, I was pleased to discover that the two lucite bags were still available when I got there. I was really surprised, because at only $22 I was sure someone would have snatched these up... apparently not. I thought the price was great and especially since this bag is for my own collection, it was quite the deal. The other bag had a broken handle and the company still wanted $22 for it. The man running the sale tried to convince me that "a little super glue will fix that right up," ummm.... yeah, sure....

I loved the detailing on the top and its honeycomb shape. I also liked that it was marked at the bottom. My other two lucite bags are unmarked. I am thinking that this bag might have been in one of the cheaper lines, since the plastic is thinner and the handle is a bit less sturdy that my other two bags. Regardless, I was thrilled to added another bag to my collection, as they are not easy to find here in MI and have had to rely on the Internet to find my other two.

When I first walked into the sale, which was still in full chaos mode, I checked out the jewelry table and came across these two bangles. I was pretty sure they were bakelite and were the only two bakelite pieces amongst the jewelry. They didn't however have a price tag and I feared that they would be like $15 or $20 each, which is a little high for my taste. Hoping for the best, I continued to clutch these while I shopped the rest of the sale. Much of the vintage clothing was in kinda rough shape and priced too high, but I did find a few pieces for a festival I am selling at this weekend. I also found the cutest little owl light for only $3.

So, when I finally reached the check out, I got a price for the bracelets.... "how does $3 for both sound?" SOLD!! WHen I got home, I checked he bracelets with my semichrome and they passed! Yay!!! :)

This was really some of the best $25 I have spent in a long while.

Have you found any good deals lately?



Kat said...

Yes, I found a barn sale and this barn was chock full of stuff. We carted away a ton of antique records from 1908-70's, a wooden antique radio, two chippy row boat oars and a vintage hat and shoes and more for only $20.

Protector of Vintage said...

I have never come across any bakelite!!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

You have definitely become the queen of cheap Bakelite! I still need to test all my bracelets... not sure if I even have any REAL Bakelite hehe.

The purse is AMAZING, that wouldn't have still been there if the sale was in Chicago. Companies always price lucite bags here super high, usually $50 or more. :(

CACHANILLA73 said...

Great finds!!! love love love the lucite bag.

Lauren Hairston said...

That's a great lucite bag and a great price--I usually see them for closer to $50. I can't believe the luck you have with bakelite. I usually only see pieces that are quite pricey.

Yes, estate sale-ing can definitely be an extreme sport!

Becky said...

I was at an antique mall today with my son. They had a beautiful lucite bag...for $125!!! And the cheapest bakelite bracelets were $28! It's so hard to find deals these days. But it's always nice to browse. :) Great finds!

Betty Crafter said...

That has to be the cutest little lucite purse ever! And $1.50 for bakelite bangles? You scored girl!