Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red, White, and Swirl

Have you seen The Help yet? I am a sucker for any kind of costume drama or period film, so I just had to go see The Help. IFrom a vintage fashion standpoint, it was really good! I thought the costumes and sets were very spot on. I even have some of the glasses that they used in the bridge scene! I'm not surprised at the execution of the costumes, Sharen Davis was responsible for them. Davis has worked on other period films such as Ray (2004) and Dreamgirls (2006). I would totally recommend you check out this film if you are into vintage fashion. My favorite character from the film was Celia. I love her look and think she was a sweetie, even if it wasn't totally realistic. If you have seen the film, who was your favorite?


50s Homemade Swirl: etsy

Tennis Shoes: Target


faith said...

Ah, your Swirl is so lovely! I'm actually eyeing a red gingham Swirl on etsy at the moment - I just don't have the money right now so I'm hoping it'll stay a few more months (until after I get hitched and have more money) without being bought. Fat chance, eh?

I'm kind of tempted to see The Help but I have this feeling it'll just be too girlie and frothy for me. Which is coming from someone who is really quite girlie and frothy, hahha.

Jill said...

Loved The Help - the book and the movie - period pieces like this are so neat - Skeeter was probably my favorite - she showed a lot of spunk!

Unknown said...

When I was watching the movie, I think I might have spent just as much time looking at the background & costumes as the main characters! Look, there's Pyrex! Look, there's a plaid thermos! :D I thought the fashions were really pretty. I have to say that Hilly's hair had me completely mesmerized--it was SO smooth!

Lauren Hairston said...

Another ridiculously cute swirl dress! How do you manage it?! I haven't seen or read The Help. I was a little apprehensive about it after seeing Melissa Harris Perry on The Last Word: I was interested in the costumes and set design, though.

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

Love your dress! The detailing around the neckline is just too cute!

Julie said...

Love the dress - I'm a sucker for anything gingham. Saw The Help, and my fave was Celia - just adorable.