Monday, October 19, 2009

Costume Night at the Redford

This past weekend was costume night at the Redford theatre. My outfit pictured above is actually from two weekends ago. My friend, Taylor and I didn't know that they had moved the films scheduled for that weekend to this past weekend, so we got all dressed up and drove all the way out there...only to find out the date had been moved. Regardless, I was excited I got to wear this suit. I got it over the summer off eBay and it is probably one of the best deals I have ever gotten on any piece of vintage clothing that I own. The suit with the shipping and handling cost me $8!!!!!!!! It is a perfect fit and a lovely cut...don't ya think??

I ended up wearing a different dress to the actual showing of the films this weekend. Pictures to come!!

The picture next to it is off this lovely website I discovered last week on Amy Jeanne's blog. I suggest you take a look if you are into old photos, but I must warn may be on the site for hours shifting through all the images!! :)

I also attended the most luxurious estate sale at the home that originally belonged to the Kresge family. I am assuming that the home was built around the mid to late 20's and everything was kept just as it was when it was built!! I have some pictures I pulled off the estate sale website that I will share later on this week, along with my finds.

Suit and Heels: eBay

Hat: Estate Sale

Jewelry and Shoe Clips: Great Grandma's