Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Weekend!!

Before I share my awesome finds from this weekend, I must give an update on my Pumpkin girl!! My little Pumpkin is a late bloomer and we have to hold off on getting her fixed because she has yet to loose all her baby teeth, or at least enough to get the surgery. Since taking her to the vet a few weeks ago, I have noticed that a lot of her little teeth are gone!!! They must have all fallen out while she chewed up mama's antique desk. :(
But with a face like that how can you be mad?? And no one looks at the bottom of furniture anyways, right...?

Now on to this weekend!! As I mentioned in my last post, my mom and I went to our church's rummage sale. We each found some really cute stuff. I got a few things for my etsy (which will be listed by the end of the week) and a few things for me. One of the things I am planning on keeping is this adorable little girl's robe. Based on the label inside, I am guessing its from the late 40's early 50's. I can't wait to have a little girl someday to wear it!!

After the sale, we decided to try a few garage sales. Not much luck, except for one that had a whole bunch of vintage stuff at it and it was all half off. I found this basket and got it for 50 cents!! I knew it would work to hold my fabric stash.
I got a few other things there, but the basket was pretty much the highlight of the garage sales. Today, last minute, I decided to check out an estate sale close to home. Being the last day I was hoping to score some low prices. I wasn't extremely impressed, but still managed to get some good deals.
The lady used this bull as a pin cushion, but after doing some research on the info from the tag, it turns out to be a toy. I guess it could work for either.

If you like this little guy, look for him in the etsy in the next week or so! Or you can always email me to!

These two items were the big ticket items today! I have been looking for a vintage bun warmer for a LONG time!! I couldn't find one anywhere. This one is exactly like the one my my has that is from her mother who get it from her mother! I brought this one home with me for only 80 cents!!! The metal picnic basket is etsy bound since I already have one.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!



Hi Emily,
Thanks for the anniv wishes.
Your little Pumpkin is sure growing and looking so sweet.
Great finds from your posts. I just love going to sales and finding treasures to keep and to sell.
Have fun on your sewing projects and I'll check back to see the finished projects.
I'm not a Britney fan either...but going to a concert is FUN and you have good photos of her.
Deb :)

Rosie said...

.50 cents for the wooden basket? Score! I love your little Pumpkin. Who could EVER be angry for long at such a sweetie-face? Your bull is a vintage Dream Pet by dakin. How clever to use it as a pin cushion! ;)

Vintage Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness!! Your puppy is so adorable! I like all of your vintage goodies too!!