Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finds Part 2

A few weeks ago, I attended this awesome estate sale. The lady that lived in the house was a WWII nurse and it looked like she held on to everything. The house was pretty packed and it was the second day of the sale. The lady running said she had sold a lot of stuff the first day, so I can only imagine how packed it was the day before! There was lots of stuff still in the packing. Here is just some of the things that I picked up at this sale. The toys are in mint condition and still in the boxes! They were only a dollar each!!! The serving spoon was also only a dollar. I originally bought it for the booth, but like many things that are bought for there, I am holding onto it for now.
Just a short little update for now. I went to a few estate sales today and have a lot of stuff to sort out, clean, and take pictures of!!



Amy said...

I don't remember seeing the spoon. It looks good. Maybe the toys will sell good for Christmas. Love you..


Hi Emily,
Love the glasses and the wire holder:) It's so sales:) Went to a couple this weekend and hope to post about them tonight.
Can't wait to see the goodies you have for me from the swap:)

Spy said...

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