Monday, August 6, 2012


It seems that I have hit a bit of a bump in my vintage fashion blogging.  

About a month ago, I started working for a local estate sale company, setting up sales and helping them open their brick and mortar store -- a "vintage and local artist boutique."  At first, I really enjoyed working for them.  It was exciting to enter a new home each day and see what treasures it held.  However, as the weeks have progressed, there have been less and less work for me.  I knew this job wasn't going to be permanent, but I was hoping for the best while I was working there.

At this new job, it is pretty hard for me to wear anything vintage -- not that I have been doing a lot of that anyways.  I have become almost downright lazy when it comes to dressing and it doesn't help that my work clothes consist of t-shirts and leggings.  I feel a bit lost on the direction of my dressing.  While I still absolutely LOVE vintage fashion, I am beginning to wonder if my drifting from fulltime vintage dressing will be a permanent switch.  I certainly hope not.

So Dear Readers, how do you cope with a slump in your dressing tendencies?    




Hey Emily,
WOW...since I "work" from home...I just wear jeans and a top...there are "people" who can help you. I love your vintage about basic black pants/skirt and then adding "you" with the rest of your look?!!

Bunny Moreno said...

I think what has happened is perfectly normal. I love books and I love reading, but I knew if I ever worked in a bookstore I wouldn't love books as much bc I was around it all the time. Seems to be bc you are around vintage all the time you may have some vintage fatigue. I am a sahm mom so my wardrobe is the opposite of vintage so when I do dress vintage it is such a joy and there is so much excitement there bc I don't get the chance to do it often.

Since you may not be wking there as much as before, start reading other vintage blogs, some books on fashion icons, watch some films like "Sabrina", or grab a copy of "Vintage Life Magazine" to start getting your creative juices flowing. Even though its not a good thing that you may not have as many hrs at that job but see it as a chance to fall in love with vintage a again. :)

I hope I helped! xox Bunny

Vera said...
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Vera said...

Aww dont feel down! I think this happens to all vintage dressers at some point. I know for me sometimes I just keep it very simple insted of wearing a dress I maybe wear some black tapred twill pants with a cute botton down blouse,some ballet falts and a headband. Could you wear something like that to work?? Just throwing some ideas out there. :)

Sincerely, Vera

Pearl Cardigan said...

Hi there,
I'm guessing you mean its hard to wear vintage because it's quite a dirty/messy/sort through dusty boxes kind of job? In which case I agree with Vera. Think about what the vintage woman wore when she cleaned out her garage - you don't want to spoil anything precious, but how about a cute housecoat/apron every once in a while?
I envy your job - how fun!

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