Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Windy Day Outfit

Yesterday and today were windy days here in Michigan. Today also brought a lot of rain, more than we got yesterday. When it does rain, I find it hard to get inspired to dress nicely or vintage. However, yesterday I pulled out my Pendleton 49ers jacket and shaped my outfit around that. I bought it this past winter and it had become lost in my closet. I recently just uncovered it and was waiting for cooler weather to wear it. Yesterday was just the right temperature; sometimes that wool can get pretty warm!


Pendleton 49ers Jacket: Mother Fletchers

Capris and Navy Blue Tank: Target

Cream Tank and Watch: JC Penny

Red Leather Flats: Payless


Heidi Ann said...

LOVE your Pendleton jacket!!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Very cute outfit! I need to pick up a few pairs of capris for windy days too! I've had one too many Marilyn moments! *lol*

BaronessVonVintage said...

we've been having that same weather....GREAT outfit. That pendleton jacket is too adorable!

Unknown said...

Love your jacket! Those will always be in style, no matter how vintage they are. You look so cute! :)

Unknown said...

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